US Congress confirms Trump’s presidency

Washington: The us congress confirmed President-elect Donald Trump’s presidency by a tally of electoral votes, finalised the election procedure despite unsuccessful challenges from Democrats.

The mostly ceremonial gathering on Friday confirmed that Trump had received 304 electoral votes to rival hillary Clinton’s 227 and can take over the baton from Barack Obama return january 20, Xinhua news agency reportable.

Vice President Joe Biden presided the meeting and as confronted with multiple objections from Democratic House Representatives.

Jim McGovern of Massachussetts cited Russia’s alleged hacking into Democratic National Committee as he challenged the legitimacy of the result.

Representatives from the states of Maryland, Washington, California, and texas also raised objections.

“There is not any discussion, and if it’s not signed by a senator the objection can’t be pleased,” Biden aforesaid as he bring to an end a congresswoman by repeatedly brought down the beetle.

“It is over,” Biden aforesaid, to cheers and laughter from Republicans within the hall. Despite Biden’s firm words, opposition to Trump’s presidency linger on, as multiple organisations square measure rallying demonstrations on inauguration day to indicate their defiance.

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