Assembly seats to extend in AP and Telangana?

After the bifurcation of the Telugu state, the bifurcation bill clearly mentioned that the assembly constituencies be inflated in each the states i.e Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Its been Two-and-a-half years that the united state has been divided. The central government has been full filling the points that were mentioned within the bifurcation bill at a slower pace in AP.

although the govt. has sanctioned few academic institutes to AP, once coming back to the deficiet revenue, government isn’t reacting or it’s taking longer to carefully study so offer the compensation. Except a special package given to the long unfinished polavaram project, the govt. has not self-addressed concerning the opposite problems contained within the bill.

According to the bill, the rise in Assembly constituencies in Andhra Pradesh (AP) has got to be fifty, whereas in Telangana the amount came to thirty eight constituencies. once asked concerning this there’s no clarification from the govt. and there are totally different opinions coming back from numerous sections. The centre aforesaid that there have been few judicial issues concerned during this which the govt. has asked the opinion of the attorney Genral. The News was around that with few precautions and exceptions the bill has been changed. however still currently the centre had not given any clarity on this. “The increase within the range of constituencies is neglected within the same manner as however the railway zone was unheeded ” say the specialists.

several lawmakers from the opposition parties have joined the party in power in each the states as a result of the party presidents secure that the quantity of assembly constituencies would increase. There by reassuring them that there’ll be no drawback from the prevailing candidates.

The issue of skyrocketing the Assembly seats has not been raised for quite few days, however the recent statement created by the AP Chief Minister Chandra babu Naidu, that there’ll be a increase within the variety of assembly seats has currently drawn the eye. The election commission has aforesaid that there’ll be no increase of assembly seats, on the opposite hand the politicians say that the number would increase, therefore making a discussion.

One got to wait and see however the centre would react as each the Chief Ministers Chandra Babu Naidu and Kalvakuntla Chadrashekara Rao of the Telugu states are on a similar opinion of skyrocketing the assembly seats.

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